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You can have the same Gold cartography plus SonarChart™ for marine areas areas called XL9 (XG in the Americas) or other configurations known as Small. NAVIONICS GOLD XL9: THE AMERICAS AND CARIBBEAN Reef, Palmyra Atoll, Maro Reef, French Frigate Shoals, Kholmsk in Russia and Japan. 35XG S. CHINA Small. See reverse for the full list of chart codes, titles and descriptions. Boat safer and savor every moment on the water! All-in-one max detailed cartography for marine and lakes makes Navionics+ the perfect choice for cruising. Head out with confidence! All the same marine and lakes content and advanced features found in Navionics+ are augmented with 3D View, satellite overlay and.

We make more than 2,000 daily updates to our Nautical Chart, reflecting edits in the official charts of Hydrographic Offices, together with our own surveys.

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Navionics gold russian smalls торрент

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